Monday, 5 October 2015

Grand Tour - Perch Hill

Later in the day, after our visit to the gardens at Great Dixter, our group met up for the last time at Perch Hill, Sarah Raven and Adam Nicolson's home and garden, and cookery school.  
Perch Hill is a lovely place, an old farmhouse nestling deep in unspoilt East Sussex countryside.
We were shown the famous cutting garden, which was full of vividly coloured dahlias and other delicious blooms.  
Then to the area of Sarah's garden where they trial different bulbs and flowers for her excellent catalogue
 The front door to the farmhouse.  I don't think it has been in use for some time!!
And then the green eyed monster peered round the trunk of this tree in Sarah's garden, as I passed by her old shepherd's caravan!
Then, as the light was starting to fade, we went inside where tables were laid up for dinner, and glasses of plum cordial sat waiting to be topped up with Prosecco.  Over the two days I met some extremely nice people.  We had all enjoyed the garden tours, and the two delicious dinners we were given.  It had been a fabulous feast of flowers, foliage and food.  I would definitely go back for more!


  1. Just beautiful...what a treat to see all of that.
    I spy the shepherds looks so in keeping with its situation...I can understand the green eyes.
    Great photos as ever. Special trip x

  2. So lucky, what a great tour bet you're feeling inspired now. x