Saturday, 31 October 2015


Wednesday morning in Applecross was rainy, but not cold.  We set off along the road (narrow tarmac strip with passing places), towards Applecross, stopping along the way for various reasons!  
"What are you looking at?"
These handsome beasts were hanging around, along the roadside.  We had to stop and wait for them to move - I am not sure how much damage those impressive horns can do to car bodywork, so we had to be patient!  The three, below, look as though they might just break into a well-rehearsed dance routine!
There is a viewpoint along the road, and on a fine day you can see the Cuillins on Skye to the south, and across the Inner Sound to the small islands of Raasay and Rona.  It was raining and grey, but no wind and the sea was very calm.  The view below is looking south, and the first white cottage in the photograph is where we have stayed several times.  It's remote, and beautiful, and we will always love it!  It's a holiday cottage which is now priced out of our range, but they still have a silver-plated toast rack I donated during one visit, so we have left a little more than just our hearts there!
An alternative to the SNP ....?
We always enjoy a walk on the originally named Sand beach!  With an overcast sky, the colours were soft and beautiful, looking across to Skye and two small islands in between.
Then on to the Potting Shed cafe in the walled garden of Applecross House, for a cup of coffee - and cake, of course!  
Although late in the year, the garden was still colourful.  The air on the west coast is so clean and clear that many trees are clothed in lots of different lichens.  
There is no public transport in this part of the world.  There used to be a post bus, courtesy of Royal Mail, but they stopped that in 2009 - a disastrous decision for these fragile, remote communities.  Sadly, I don't think these two modes of transport are going to be of much use either!
A trip to Applecross is not complete without a walk to the coral beach.  It's a lovely path, a bit rocky in places, but there are great views back towards Applecross, and out across the Inner Sound to the islands. 

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  1. All so wonderful and amazing...I really think I could pack my bag and lose myself up there. Your photos capture it all....crisp, clean, untouched, raw beauty.
    And I'm sure the cake was delicious! xxx