Friday, 2 October 2015

White stuff

Our morning walk was a very different experience from the same route taken earlier in the week. Today, the sun, which was shining before breakfast, had gone and it was overcast and windy. There was no sparkling dew on the Brussel sprout leaves, but the white of the mayflower shone brightly against a dark green background.
The silvery undersides of the white poplar leaves were shimmering, as gusts of wind bent the branches over.  These trees send out suckers which produce larger leaves than the parent plant, and the backs of these leaves are white and downy.  The white poplar, which was introduced to this country around 1548, has another old English name, 'abele', which is evolved from the Latin for white, alba.
I love the bark of silver birch trees.  In the wood they shine out, even when the light is poor. However, within the bark there are beautiful subtle colours, which you can see here in one of the trees bordering the sprout field.
 More, beautiful, white stuff!
By the time Tilly and I reached home, the wind had blown the clouds away, the sky was as blue as can be, and the sun was shining again.  It shone all day - glorious.

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