Saturday, 24 October 2015

Christening my new walking boots

I have just spent a small fortune on a new pair of walking boots.  I am always wary of buying shoes on online.  It has never worked for me so far, but the boots felt comfortable, when I tried them on, so I thought they would be fine.  I knew that as soon as I set foot outside, that was the point of no return, but Tilly was encouraging me to take the gamble, so we set off for a tramp around the fields yesterday afternoon.

Behold this year's Christmas decorations!  I have had my eye on this tree for a few weeks, as the berries have ripened.  So far so good.  The birds haven't scoffed the lot ..... yet.  The weather has been warm, but I fear that as soon as it gets colder, these berries may disappear.  Anyway, I am keeping my fingers crossed, and hope that there will be enough berries for us all, as we lurch helplessly towards winter.  I certainly wouldn't begrudge the birds their fill.  Their need is greater than ours!
This is the view the holly tree has, across to the Lammermuirs.
The holly tree is the cone-shaped one, at the top of the field, 
with these lovely grasses, blowing in the wind at the bottom of the field. 
The walking boots were fine, but Tilly's eight year old lead gave up the ghost - so she now has a brand new lead, and I have a new pair of boots.  We are both, now, very well equipped for lots more adventures together!

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  1. Wow...what a holly bush...very envious of that. So beautiful and there it sits ready for Christmas...a bit like the mince pies and the puddings ready to go in the supermarkets...but far nicer and far more perfect. xxx