Monday, 17 October 2016

12 hours later

Not a full moon tonight.  That was yesterday, but twelve hours after we were enjoying that stunning sunrise, now, in the same spot, moonrise!

The tiny white dot on the left hand side of the first photo is the lighthouse on the Bass Rock. Sheer fluke it twinkled and timed with the photo!  


  1. I've been enjoying stunning sunSETS recently and especially the ghostly outline of the full moon appearing alongside the setting sun. Unfortunately, my camera refuses to cooperate when I try to get a decent photograph! I'm now officially a Follower - Rosemary Haines aka Rambler of Rosie's Ramblings.

    1. Hooray! That's great, thank you very much! I think I might have four followers now! Better than a kick in the pants, as Mr Gaucho would say. :o) A

  2. Beautiful sunsets. I am a regular follower of your blog...I love the photos especially the ones of the sea. More please xx