Thursday, 13 October 2016

Sunshine and showers

Today has been a day of sunshine and showers.  Rather more April than October.  I can do a lot of weather watching from my perch here in North Berwick, and this afternoon I have seen a multitude of greys in the sky, and another series of grey in the sea.  I used to hate grey.  It was the colour of my school uniform, but enough time has passed now that I can appreciate the complexity of the colour and its myriad of hues, and I love them all!
The Bass Rock is the subject of endless paintings, photographs and different art forms.  The classic view is of the Rock, white with 150,000 gannets (and gannet poo), set against a dark grey sky, as it was a few minutes ago.   
My zoom lens can just about show the haze of gannets, as they soar and wheel around the Rock.  


  1. It looks like stars falling out of the sky and landing on the rock. Brilliant xx

  2. All stunning, we've had great weather down this way too but nothing as dramatic as your neck of the woods. x