Wednesday, 5 October 2016


It really is a treat to be living by the sea for a while.  Watching the comings and goings on the beach, not to mention the rise and fall of the tide.  Wave watching is compulsive, mesmeric and therapeutic.  I named my blog the running wave because I loved the line in the Celtic blessing 'Deep peace of the running wave to you'.  We all need peace in our lives, and although the sea is strong and powerful, the constancy of the waves running in and across the sand is unchanging, reassuring, and brings a sense of peace to me as I walk along a beach.

On a bright sunny day, I love the way the white surf of the breaking wave reflects on to the water ahead of it.
 Looking out across the sea, you can watch the waves building as they approach the shore.
In yesterday's early morning, there was a lady, with a cup of coffee and a dog, completely fixated on the sunrise and the light spreading across the stretch of wet sand, looking towards the Bass Rock to the east. 
The dog got fed up waiting for her to move, and made his way back along the beach!
Finally she stood up, to catch up with her dog, but still couldn't take her eyes off the view, and walked back, backwards!

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  1. I know the feeling - beautiful sunsets ARE mesmerising and it's almost impossible to tear your gaze away. Only the dog wandering off would cause the spell to break, but still impossible to leave.