Saturday, 1 October 2016

Hidden gems

It is very stimulating, living somewhere new.  We have visited North Berwick masses of times, to shop, walk on the beach or go out for a meal.  We lived just a few miles away.  But now there is time to wander and explore, and I keep coming across unexpected treasures.  The latest is a small garden of exotic plants which, really and truly, I would expect to see on the west coast, not in the chilly east, with the North Sea just a few hundred yards away.  
Banana palms, kangaroo paw, eucalyptus, a foxglove tree, Paulownia tomentosa, native to central and western China and here towering over the border, gingers, a crimson glory vine, scrambling over the wall behind, a Georgia O'Keefe arum lily next to a tree fern, and all sorts of other exotic plants, are growing in a small border, just over the wall from a car park!  There is a small aviary situated alongside, with zebra finches and cockatiels chattering away. I could very easily be back in the botanical gardens in Melbourne.  It is quite wonderful, and slightly surreal.

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  1. How amazing! It must be a very sheltered hot spot to grow those! We have a few of those plants in our garden down under!
    Happy exploring! 🌸xx