Saturday, 8 October 2016

The patience of a saint!

From our grandstand view, here on the first floor of the North Berwick flat, we can sit and watch little cameos of family life, playing out before us.  I've just been watching a determined little tractor driver, with a taste for adventure, making his way across the beach, via the incoming waves, rocks, and several deep rock pools.  Just as well his grandfather, with the patience of a saint, was on hand to provide rescue services.  His equally patient grandmother just paced up and down, on the sand, while the stubborn little devil pursued his interest in off road driving.  
Maybe it was his birthday, and they were indulging him, before they decided it was time to haul him home!


  1. Absolutely no fear at that age! Driving into the sea; into a deep rock pool; clambering over rocks - good job Grandad is quick on his feet.

    1. I just thought the whole scenario was comical! The little boy was hell bent on taking his shiny new tractor, complete with lights flashing, back and front, to the most unlikely places, and his grandfather was always on hand to bail him out!