Sunday, 30 October 2016

Small, but perfectly formed

Halloween 2016 is here.  For weeks the food shops have been groaning under the weight of humungous pumpkins, all waiting to be fashioned into jack-o'-lanterns, with either impossibly happy grins or ghoulish grimaces.  I have the dinkiest pumpkin ever, which has been sitting on the table for a fortnight, looking cheerful.  It's far too cute to be carved up, and to give you an idea of its petiteness I have sat it next to a Bramley apple and an acorn cup!
I get far more enjoyment out of a pumpkin by just looking at it.  In my experience, cooking pumpkin is a complete waste of time.  It is totally tasteless.  Pumpkin pie is probably the best thing you can do with pumpkin, and even then it is just a vehicle for all the lovely spices which go into the filling! So, this little chap will just carry on sitting here, and in the meantime, I will continue to enjoy its glorious colour, sculptural stem and comfortable shape!  

Happy Halloween!


  1. Pumpkin soup is delicious....depends on type of pumpkin! Put some Indian spices in and a blob of creme fraiche when serving...its very good.
    Not sure your little pumpkin would stretch that far...its too pretty to eat. x

    1. Tried pumpkin soup, several times, several recipes,
      including Delia Smith's one where she roasts the pumpkin first to try and intensify the flavour - still pretty tasteless! Butternut squash is a much better bet! Love it! No, my little pumpkin is still sitting on the table, looking smug because all the others have now had their day and looking a bit past it!

  2. I guess in just boils down to personal taste. I always blend pumpkin, butter nut squash or pumpkin (as it is called here) and carrots....we are great lovers of pumpkin soup and roasted pumpkin..roasted with skin yummalicous.