Friday, 20 March 2015

Eclipsed - by a hare

My camera and I have failed to capture the eclipse this morning, although I did get a good glimpse as I drove back from North Berwick, when a small black cloud passed in front of the sun, and I could clearly see a decent black crescent of moon.  :o)

I did take some photos, none of which came out, so I had a little play around with them on iPhoto, just to get a bit of fun out of the experience!  Starting off in Tesco car park, where it became apparent that I wasn't going to get much joy, I decided to make a dash for home.
On the way back I passed one of East Lothian's countryside rangers, standing behind her van, with a piece of card in one hand, and holding a second bit of paper behind it.  The card had a small hole in it, and she told me she was waiting for the moon to pass across the sun, when the light shining through the hole onto the paper behind would disappear.  She had chosen a quiet spot, where you could only hear the birdsong - mostly skylarks - and she said when the light faded the birds would stop singing.  I had forgotten about the hole in the paper trick, we must have done something like that at school.  I dashed back to the car and stuck a pencil through a piece of paper and stood by the car for a few minutes.  Nothing much was happening, apart from the slightly dimmed daylight, so I headed for home.  
 I tried to take another photo from the garden, but, as you can see, just a blinding light!
Actually, seeing this little lady, sitting quietly on her form, has been the biggest thrill of the morning for me!

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