Friday, 27 March 2015

Real radio

If you only listen to one programme on the radio this year, please make it this one.

Dawn Chorus, as recorded by Chris Watson, in BBC Radio 4's programme Soundstage.  It's fifteen minutes of pure perfection.  It has all my favourite sounds - birdsong, waves, music. The programme just finished and it will be on iPlayer, and also available as a podcast.  Don't miss it, any which way!


  1. Just listened it and it was lovely, I always wondered what a nightingale sounded like. x

  2. When I was young my mother and I used to drive to listen to nightingales on warm June evenings - pure magic! I haven't heard a nightingale in real life for about 25 or more years, but that programme brought back wonderful memories! It was a lovely programme wasn't it! A real treasure. I've got it saved on a podcast. Hope the sun continues to shine on Cornwall. It's still lovely here in East Lothian! A x