Tuesday, 17 March 2015

For my stalwart follower!

This one's for you Sandy Shoes!  Thank you for your lovely messages and support - always very much appreciated!  

We do have grey skies too!  If it's clear and grey, the colours are more intense, which I always enjoy.
But the last few days have been murky and drear, classically dreich weather!  The light has been too poor for decent photos, however I did see a group of four hares yesterday morning.  The two hares below had a couple of boxing matches, but I was so busy trying to hold on to Tilly's lead so that she wouldn't make a beeline for these magical creatures, I didn't manage to take any photos of their spar!


  1. Thank you! It's always a pleasure to drop in on your world, and I love the close up of the hares. Today we've been basking in sunshine but with a slightly worried expression as there is a very distinct haze which is apparently smog! I thought I left that all behind in London but bizarrely we are enveloped in it now. It's strange how being surrounded by green fields and countryside can lull you into a false sense of security, I know we should probably stay indoors but it's so welcome to see the sun that I can't resist sitting out in the garden for the first time this year. Have a great week! Antonia x

  2. We've had a couple of hazy starts, yesterday and today, but it's cleared away, so I am thinking that it is not the smog they are talking about! Hope not anyway! It's so lovely to feel the warmth of the sun - I think that spring might just be here! A x