Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Mid-week already!

Tilly and I had another lovely early morning walk today.  We saw two young deer in the same place as yesterday, and a couple of hares, sitting quietly in a field.  I was glad they didn't take off as soon as they heard us coming along the track.  We managed to put up three or four other hares though.  They are virtually invisible, crouching down amongst the buff winter grass, and then, invariably, they shoot off at an incredible speed, scampering across the field, and out of sight. Tilly goes nuts, restrained by the lead. I can't possibly let her off her lead because there are so many snares, courtesy of our loathsome gamekeeper, that she would almost certainly get caught.  Anyway, although she doesn't stand an earthly chance of catching a hare, or a deer, I hate the thought of the wild animals being any more fearful than they must already be, running away from a human and her dog. I always feel bad, disturbing the peace of their early morning.

The light at this time of a March day, about 7.30 am, is a rosy gold.  I love to see the Lammermuirs in the distance, and the sun highlighting the folds in the hills.
Home again, and Tilly sits in 'her' chair, dozing and dreaming of brown hares.

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  1. Ahh I'm so jealous, looking through your photos it seems as though you have a lot more sunshine and blue skies than we do. I think it must be something to do with you being on the east coast. Great to enjoy vicariously anyway, Antonia x