Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Wednesday walk

The weather forecast for later today is dire, so with early morning sunshine, and a lull in the very strong winds of the last couple of days, Tilly and I put our best feet forward to go for a walk before breakfast.  There has been a sharp frost overnight, but without the wind it felt wintery, but comfortable for walking.
I love the rosy sunlight where it catches the bleached out remains of the common reed.  I think this is a lovely plant, giving movement where the grasses flutter like pennant flags, making a gentle swooshing sound, as the wind passes through them.  Its Latin name is Phragmites australis (you can read more about it on this rather good American website I just found (  It's an interesting plant which has been around a very long time indeed, and it is even edible!   So, the common reed grows all along the burn at the bottom of the big field and, after my little bit of research, I like the plant even more now! 
We managed to disturb the peace of the morning for lots of deer, hares and pheasants, sending them flying off in all directions.  I felt bad about that, so Tilly and I re-planned our route and reached home without upsetting anyone else!  

Our little feathered friend, Morris the blue tit, was up to his antics again.  He keeps appearing at our windows, tapping with his tiny beak, tilting his head to one side in puzzlement and frustration that he can't make any headway with the glass!
And then he has a little tantrum, jumping up and down, because he can't get in!  He is a real little character and just makes me laugh out loud!  Irritating for Morris but, for us, a great way to start the day!
Oh, and today we had a bonus sighting at breakfast time.  Through the window we saw a little chiff chaff flitting about.  I have heard their quite distinctive sound before, but never seen one, so had to look him up!  It's a dear little bird, and a real thrill to have one in the garden.  

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  1. I love Morris! How amazing to see him so close and in such a funny way, I wonder what he's after? Is he looking at your breakfast and hoping you'll give him some cereal and toast or does he just fancy the look of your comfy sofa? Hooray for spring anyway! Antonia x