Sunday, 22 April 2018

A mixed bag of weather

On 1st May last year the whole of the area shown in the photo below was burnt and blackened by a wild fire, which swept across a huge acreage.  Within a few days of the fire green shoots began to appear, and now, one year later, the whole area is covered in the finest strands of straw-like stems from the grasses which emerged from the charred landscape.  
The day dawned wet and windy.  Before breakfast, the dogs and I had a very soggy and muddy walk through the outer gardens of Colonsay House.  (Still magical, even when drippy).  By late morning the strong wind had blown the rain across to the mainland and we had some sunshine and the opportunity for a longer walk.  We walked along the road towards Scalasaig.  No cars as the island is very quiet at the moment - the lull before the storm of the Spring Festival which is due to kick off next weekend.  Then we cut in down this track, to walk back round to the cottage.
This delicious little clump of violets have a real room with a view, about five feet up near the top of the dry stone wall!  
The climate on this island encourages a multitude of mosses and also different types of liverworts, which grow on the bark of trees.  I don't think they are as attractive as the mosses, but intriguing lifeforms nevertheless.
Later in the afternoon, with the weather closing in again, my cousin and I ventured down on to one of the island's raised beaches, which sit up above the sand.  They are formed of millions of smooth pebbles and boulders.  A geologist's delight!

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