Wednesday, 11 April 2018

They're back!

They left on around 12 September last year, and today ..... they are back!  The swallows swooped in at breakfast time this morning, much to my jubilation, and of course,Ted's delight.  His summer playmates have returned to him.  Welcome back fearless little travellers.  It's so good to see you in our skies again.


  1. Amazing - I haven't seen any yet in Cornwall! Looks like they bypassed us and headed north x

    1. Having said that, I think they took one look at our weather, which until today has been just awful (cold, windy, foggy, wet) and wondered why they bothered, and I haven't seen them since! Hopefully they are checking out some nesting sites and we will see them again over the coming days, with ...... hopefully ....... improved weather conditions! A x

  2. Such sweet birds! And so well travelled!
    To think how far they go!
    Happy days for you all xx