Monday, 23 April 2018

Murky Monday

Not such a great day, weather wise, today, but we have still managed a good walk to one of the raised beaches on the northern coast of Colonsay.  We have had spits and spots of rain, heavy rain, smearny rain, weak glimmers of sunshine and cold air all day.  

Early morning walk :
 Walk from Kiloran to the raised beach :
An ancient ancient gorse bush which looks like something from Middle Earth.
Below, can you see a distinguished profile of a man who looks as though he is a player in a Shakespearean drama!
In the distance, very faintly, we could see the isle of Mull.
The raised beach
The product of a wet afternoon, spent fiddling about with strands of willow, birch, bramble and honeysuckle, then finished off with the skeleton leaves of magnolia.  Not exactly a masterpiece, and a real struggle because I didn't know what I was doing, but I managed to fashion a sort of something!
By nine o'clock this evening the strong winds had blown the rain clouds away towards the mainland, and the skies were clear.  I took the dogs down on to the beach at Kiloran for a much needed run around.  
In between mouthfuls of seaweed, Ted took off!  
 The best bit?  We had the whole place to ourselves!


  1. Looks so divine. Ted looks regal sitting there viewing his personal beach. Wish I was there. Feeling a bit blah at moment. Mojo gone...could do with a change of scenery.
    Enjoy it all - lots going on when you return.xx

    1. Colonsay is good for the spirit and the soul. It's going to be ridiculously hard to leave tomorrow. We've been cheated out of one whole day of our much longed for holiday, because the ferries are over the place at the moment. But this lovely place will always be here. Maybe you should try and work it in to one of your trips over here, one of these years!!! A xx