Monday, 9 April 2018

Some welcome warmth

We have had a few fine days recently, which have brought a very welcome rise in temperatures. Yesterday, and today, I managed to take the dogs for a walk without being bundled up in a coat and scarf.  Progress!

During a weekend walk we put up a couple of very handsome brown hares, saw a couple of elegant deer, and Spring must have sprung because in one field I saw a few germander speedwell in flower, shining on the ground like tiny sapphires.


  1. Lovely to see the weather is warming up!
    Those sweet little purple flowers look cosy tucked up there!
    Yesterday- had he been alive- would have been my dad’s 91st birthday! I had a lovely walk with dogs in memory of him and listened to some of his favourite music! Mostly Neil Diamond! Lovely day!!🌺

    1. Cetainly not averse to a spot of Neil Diamond!! Glad you had a peaceful day, thinking about your Dad. A day well spent. That little boy in the email shares a birthday with my Dad, 23 July, who would be 103 this year! I am rather hoping the next round arrive on my Mum's birthday, 27 April! Who knows!!!

  2. Always special to share birthday’s with a close & loved relative! I share a birthday with my Aunt Norine who died some years ago!
    Claudia was supposed to be born around end of April but arrived on May Day!
    I hope the latest littlies do arrive, how fab that would be!
    Fingers crossed! Xxxxx