Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Leaving it all behind

So that's it then!  All over in a twinkle.  We are home again.  Admittedly our week's holiday was one day shorter than it should have been, but I feel as though it only lasted for little longer than a weekend!  But it was good, and worth the year long wait!

As we pulled away from the jetty at Scalasaig the island became enveloped in a huge rainstorm.  We sailed away in sunshine, with a few raindrops as we headed for a brief stop at Port Askaig, on Islay.  Our route home had been re-routed and we returned via Kennacraig on the Mull of Kintyre.  Amazing scenery from the moment we left Colonsay until we drove past the southern tip of Loch Lomond.  Scotland is a very beautiful country.
A last lingering look at Colonsay,
and then the distinctive and mysterious profile of Jura loomed on the port side of the ferry.
 I gazed longingly at a ferry going back out towards Colonsay!
 Jura, as it disappeared into the distance.
We had a brilliant few days on Colonsay.  And we will be back .... in October.  It's all booked!

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  1. I love Scotland! No doubt it is so very scenic! Happy things to look forward to and October will be here in a flash! Xx