Thursday, 25 February 2016

A galanthophile ... maybe?

I think I am turning into a galanthophile.  A snowdrop fanatic.  I just can't resist them, and at the moment they are everywhere - carpets of snow, strewn throughout the woods around here. 
And by way of a change - an early pink blossom.  
Across the valley, on the skewbald hills of the Lammermuirs, I think they were burning off areas of heather.  When I took this photograph I hadn't noticed the lovely range of late winter colour, throughout the trees in the foreground.    


  1. Amazing photos of snowdrops and a galanthophile sounds quite exotic. Good name!
    I am so enjoying the daffs and the snowdrops down here in Hampshire...absolutely amazing.
    Mottisfont yesterday...Thelwell Exhibition. Hilarious.
    Will give you a ring soon. xx

  2. What a beautiful carpet of snowdrops in the forest.