Friday, 12 February 2016

Friday walk

Overnight, temperatures plummeted and, following yesterday's rain, every surface became coated in a thin layer of ice.  Every stone, blade of grass, tree and plant, the terrace and garden benches, everything.  Black ice on local roads resulted in mayhem during the rush hour this morning, cars sliding off into hedges and ditches, head on collisions, and tragically even one fatality.  Winter came back today, with a vengeance.  So we waited for the sun to melt the ice and raise the temperature a bit, and then went for a walk from home, rather than venture out on to the roads.  

The woods around the house are now full of snowdrops.  They are probably at their best now.  
Further afield, the Lammermuirs had a dusting of snow last night, but in the sunshine the trees in the wood are just beginning to show a flush of colour, as their leaf buds begin to swell.


  1. Crikey that does look cold, but lovely snowdrops are such a joy. Love hills look like a cake with a dusting of icing. Enjoy your walks but be more broken bones before you head south!!! x