Monday, 1 February 2016

The first day of a new month

In this part of the world, sunrise today, Monday, 1 February 2016, was officially 0807.  Here's how it looked at 0715!
Sunset was at 1645.  At 1715 the sky was moody, and beautiful.  
The wind is roaring, as the latest storm blows through the wood.  Another noisy night ahead!


  1. Early mornings are so beautiful. Hope the wind wasnt too bad...and great photos..captures the mystical mood .... xx

  2. What a dramatic photo - it looks almost like a forest fire. I'm an owl, not a lark, so I rarely see a sunrise these days, but there have been some fantastic sunsets lately - and those gale force winds. Unfortunately, I have been unable to get out and about to take photos, partly through my own ill-health and partly because of my elderly dog's arthritis making him unable to walk for more than a few steps each day.