Saturday, 6 February 2016

Barns Ness

Tilly and I took a chilly, rain-spotted walk at Barns Ness this afternoon.  It's quite an exposed part of the coastline, with a lighthouse, which sits just a mile or so north of Torness, the nuclear power station.   Its proximity to the brooding power station means that it doesn't appeal to me hugely, but I go there from time to time, because it is one of the four sites forming part of the local authority grazing survey project I am part of.  
We had a hasty walk along the grasslands behind the beach, I got a wet foot in the mire, and then finally we found a way down on to the beach, where the oyster catchers were doing the hokey cokey, and Tilly munched her way through too much seaweed than is good for her.
The highlight of the walk was this kestrel, perched on a fence post.  The photograph is taken through the car windscreen so it's not as sharp as it could be, but what a handsome bird!


  1. What a handsome kestrel - and considering that you took the photo through the windscreen, it still is a really good one. And after the incessant rain, so good to see a little bit of blue sky!

  2. Great photo of the kestrel...such beautiful colours. Your walked looked cold and windy but invigorating. Prepare yourself for warmth in a few weeks xx