Saturday, 20 February 2016


When we were in Majorca for my son's wedding, last June, we did a spot of celebrity spotting.  Hugh Laurie, Tom Hiddleston and others, were lounging around on the jetty in Port de Soller, by two rather flash speed boats, in between shooting scenes for the John le Carre's 'The Night Manager', which starts on BBC television tomorrow evening.

If you want to know what colour trousers Hugh Laurie wears between shots, I can let you in on the secret.
I rather like the trousers.  Not sure about the shoes though.


  1. Yes, I agree he can carry off the red trousers, but the shoes . . . do they have pompoms on? They look like slippers!
    I'm hoping to watch 'The Night Manager' tomorrow night . . . . . ooops! tonight! Now I must go to bed. *yawn*

    1. I think those red trousers have had an airing in the first episode!