Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Wednesday walk

At last!  Blue skies, a little warmth in the bright sunshine, and the wind has dropped to a manageable level.  Time for a proper walk with my little four legged friend.

Flitting between old elderberry bushes, a rich golden yellow with lichen, and a run of hawthorn, wild cherry and lime trees, there were several yellowhammers, probably about eight or ten.  Their glorious lemon yellow plumage shone in the sunshine.  I can't find a collective noun for them, so I think I might just call them a chattering of yellowhammers, because their call of "little bit of bread and no cheese" accompanied them as they skittishly moved from one tree to the next.
And then, a wood, full of snowdrops.  Happy days!


  1. Gosh your closeups are so crisp - did you go on a photography or course or just learn as you go. Also what camera do you use? I'd love to take images as good as these x

    1. Hi Antonia! Lovely to hear from you. I haven't done a photography course, and much to my husband's frustration, haven't even read the manual. But it is amazing what a good little camera can do for you - I've got a fairly new Lumix Panasonic DMC-TZ60, which is my third camera of that make. I am a 'point and squirt' person - can't cope with adjusting lenses and all that stuff! The camera has zillions of settings and I use a small number of them, but they work for me - most of the time. Still struggle with things at a distance (birds, hares etc) and the photos are often not as sharp as I would hope for, but its all amateur stuff, so its all fine for me and the blog! I think! Have a good weekend when it comes, hopefully with some sunshine - I hope you didn't get too blown about by Imogen. A x