Sunday, 14 February 2016

Before the hail storm!

Today dawned bright and sunny.  Eventually Tilly and I got out for a walk, but not before, to the north, dark grey clouds were beginning to encroach upon the heavenly blue.

However, we set off in sunshine, to take a stroll around the old barley field.  It is one of my favourite walks.  Our neighbour's garden borders one corner of the field, and on the other side of his fence there is this wonderful patch of red dogwood.  It is especially delicious at this time of the year, with the snowdrops growing at its feet.
As we cut through the narrow stretch of woodland, between the drive and the field, two hares started up and nipped off ahead of us, at high speed.  I felt bad.  They had been lying in the sunshine, amongst warm dry leaves, and then we disturbed them.  One shot off to the right and out of sight;  the other I could see, hunkered down in the middle of the field, still with the sun on his back.
We walked around the field, to the furthest corner, by which time the sky had turned to an impressive iron grey.  I knew what that meant, and by the time we had retraced our steps back around the field, because that is a nicer route than completing the circle, we were being sandblasted with hailstones.  We were really quite wet by the time we reached home!
 Time for tea, and a slice of Valentine's Day chocolate brownie cake!

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  1. Superb way to spend Valentine's Day...minus the hail....beautiful hares...they clearly knew what was on the way. x