Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Sunny side up

In stark contrast to this morning (which is grey and windy), yesterday dawned bright and sunny. We had clear blue sky and sunshine all day long, from dawn till dusk.  Tilly and I had a magical walk. The route was nothing new, but the weather was such a treat, that it was all wonderful. I stood for a while, the sun warming my back, the cool air on my face, listening to the rustling sound of the wind as it moved through the bleached stems of last year's common reed.  A peaceful few moments.
Walking past a small paddock, I could hear a hissing sound.  A tap was leaking and the fine spray of water had frozen overnight, creating icicles.
To the south, the Lammermuirs are covered in snow again.  The mountain hares will be happy, nicely camouflaged once more!
The sunshine has brought out the cheery yellow gorse.  It is too soon for the delicious spicy coconut scent from the flowers, but that is something to look forward to, in the warmer months to come.

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