Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A prayer answered!

Today it was my turn to lead a walk with the walking group.  It was a five mile, 2 hour walk, starting from our house.  I planned a big circular walk to take full advantage of the wonderful views across the valley to the Lammermuirs, a good glimpse of the sea, and then later, north to the Bass Rock and North Berwick Law.  Lots of wonderful landmarks, but - and here could have been the catch - only visible with fine weather!  All the planning in the world couldn't have brought the sun out, but some suitably worded prayers did, and we walked all morning beneath clear blue skies and in brilliant sunshine.  Perfect!
A little band of deer ran across this field.  I caught three of them in my photo, but there were about eight, including a stag with a very impressive set of antlers!  In the distance you can see the Garleton Hills and the Hopetoun Monument.


  1. Well done you! What a superb day for your lovely planned walk! Brilliant to see such happy walkers. Great photos of the deer too. x

    1. What a blessing to have such a wonderfully clear and sunny morning. It really was a prayer answered! A x