Friday, 29 April 2016

Colonsay, Friday

Another bright and sunny day.  The weather was being very kind to us, and with blue above I walked into the woodland surrounding Colonsay House, which stopped on the other side of the track from our cottage.  I had spied a glamorous-looking magnolia tree and wanted to take a closer look.
On the edge of the burn running through the gardens, a grey wagtail bobbed about on the rocks.
The OS map showed a short walk up to Loch an Sgoltaire, which has a series of small islands in the middle, one sporting ruins of pre-16th century fortifications.  As we walked along the track, the spicy, delicious coconuty perfume of the gorse flowers wafted over us.  
We made the mistake of going off piste, once we had reached the end of the track.  The next hour was spent trying to pick our way across open hillocky moorland, through endless brambles, woods without any signs of previous human presence, and scrambling over old dry stone walls in order to get back down on to the lane. It all looked very do-able on the map but in reality, it wasn't!  But we did it, in the end.  Mr Gaucho was pouring blood from scratches and gashes to his knee and torn trousers from a tumble or two. Tilly picked up a thorn in her paw which made itself manifest a few days later, but other than that, we survived!
We rewarded our triumph over the obstacles we had encountered with tea and cake in the little cafe next to Colonsay House.  Apart from good things to eat, they also sell hot water bottles!

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