Thursday, 14 April 2016

Dinosaurs and all sorts of stuff!

We went to the Jurassic World exhibition at the Melbourne Museum on Tuesday.  The dinosaurs came to life as we walked through Jurassic Park - the fiercesome T-Rex and his scaly associates!  It was quite scary stuff in places, and mind-bending in others.  We were able to touch the femur (photo 2) of a creature that walked the planet 70 million years ago.  And it's not every day of the week you get to do that!
We had a wander around the rest of the museum too.  I should have made a note of what the birds are, but I was more interested in the shadows!
Since my last visit to the museum they have installed a new exhibit replicating a four room weatherboard cottage, originally built in 1858 in a rough area of Melbourne called Little Lon.   It was home to three generations of the Hayes family, immigrants from Ireland.
Out into the sunshine, and in a side street off Brunswick Street, a more recently built home - a little Victorian villa.  This one is rather grandly named Osborne House (could that be after Queen Victoria's home on the Isle of Wight!).
 More graffiti,
and the weird and wonderful seed pod of Araujia hortorum, moth vine.

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