Friday, 29 April 2016

Colonsay, Sunday

On Sunday morning, we drove over to the island's west coast (takes about five minutes), to walk across to the beaches of Ardskenish.  We parked by the airfield (yes, you can fly into Colonsay, if your aircraft is small enough) and walked across one or two of the golf links' greens.  I have never played a game of golf in my life, but even I can appreciate the challenge of putting on these greens, negotiating the strong winds, rabbit and sheep poo, the broken limpet shells, indentations from cows' hooves, worm casts, and other bits of debris which have worked their way up from the beach. Bravo for those who rise to the challenge and triumph!  Actually, their website is worth a read
One of things I love most about these wild, far flung coastal shores are the colours.  When the sun shines, the sea is sapphire blue.  On grey days or in more gentle sunshine, the colours soften and soothe the soul.  

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