Monday, 18 April 2016

Home again

Yesterday morning I was sitting with my Melbourne family, enjoying brunch in one of the city's zillion cafes, and this evening I am sitting, tired but safe and sound, in our sitting room, at home.  

By early Sunday evening, we had left the Australian west coast behind, on the long, thirteen hour flight to Abu Dhabi.  
Early this morning, we flew into Edinburgh Airport, having passed over North Berwick, the Bass Rock and along the Firth of Forth.  It is a bittersweet thing, to be home.  I've left my son and his family behind, not knowing when we will meet up again.  A new baby will make its debut, in Melbourne, at the end of May, or early June, and our next trip will be to make the acquaintance of our new grandchild.  But it is always good to be home.  
Tilly did a victory lap of the garden when I got back!  There is nothing quite like the ecstatic welcome of a dog to make you feel special!  This afternoon, I took her for a walk around my favourite field.  The sun shone brightly and a fresh wind blew all the air-conditioned air out of my lungs.  Instead of a massive aircraft, there were skylarks, singing, high in the blue above, and I saw about six hares scattered throughout the field. 

Tiny pink buds have appeared on the crab apple trees, and the wild cherry has come into flower, while I have been away.  Turn your back for three weeks all sorts of wonderful things have happened in the countryside!


  1. Just brilliant...enjoy it all and Happy Birthday to you know who! x

  2. Bittersweet indeed when you have to part with anyone dear to you. I have a similar experience coming up - my son is coming to visit me in Cornwall next week, but when he leaves he heads back to Kabul, Afghanistan to continue his work with a charity out there. I have no idea when I shall see him again, but thank goodness for Skype, phones and satellites which provide a signal.
    I hope you are able to see that new baby while he/she is still a babe-in-arms.