Friday, 29 April 2016

Colonsay, Monday

Monday morning dawned with Tilly hobbling around on three legs.  She had a mystery injury which meant she spent the next two days lying on the sofa.  Poor little scrap.  We couldn't identify the cause of her lameness, and without a vet on the island, we were a bit hopeless.  However, we managed to get her some pain relief after a liaison between the vet in Oban and the doctor's surgery on the island, who keep small animal medication, which is dispensed with agreement between the two.  (We have now established she must have picked up a thorn in her paw, and after a visit to our own vet at home, and a course of antibiotics, she is now gadding around on all four legs again).

Without our little sidekick alongside, Mr Gaucho and I braved a very strong, icy wind (still some sunshine) for a walk behind the dunes of Kiloran Bay and back along the beach.  It was a good walk, but not the same without Tilly pottering about between us.
We needed to thaw out following our walk, so we drove to Scalasaig for a cup of tea, and cake of course, before going home to our little invalid.  
Hot on the heels of the island's book festival, they launched their Festival of Spring on Monday,  It is three weeks of wonderful things - events, workshops, walks and talks.  Another good reason to visit this brilliant little island again next year!

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