Wednesday, 5 August 2015

At last!

At last!  My sweet peas are now blooming with enthusiasm.  I was beginning to think they were going to give this summer a miss.  Maybe it's because summer has more or less given us a miss. It's struggling, even here in our little East Lothian micro climate, where we get lots of sunshine and little rain. 

Anyway, the sweet peas are finally flowering, and the lavender bushes in the front garden are attracting lots of bees.  In the vegetable garden, the runner beans are beginning to look productive. I may be able to pick a handful in a day or so.  The courgettes are happy, and the Russian kale, so I shouldn't grumble!
I love shadows and couldn't resist adding a photo of a few grasses we have in a pot on the table, which are casting their shadow on the wall.  I thought they were rather elegant!

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