Saturday, 29 August 2015

The annual village flower show

The annual village flower show was held in the community hall today.  I missed it last year, so resolved to go along today.  It's the kind of event which keeps Britain great!  I love the tradition of exhibiting vegetables, knitted baby bootees and soft toys, the competition for the best sweet peas and dahlias, the home baking, and the offerings from the local children.

However, before breakfast and the flower show, Tilly and I had another walk round the newly harvested field.  During the course of yesterday, the rows of billowing straw were baled up into giant cotton reels.  
In the background of the photograph below you can just see the purple heather on the Lammermuir Hills. 
So to the flower show.  I am not entirely sure what this creation was depicting, but it seems to have won no less than two trophies!
This was my favourite.  These jolly folk are just part of a long line of characters!
No village flower show would be complete without an obese leek, and I can't imagine that they could come much bigger than this one.  You could feed a small family for a week with this exhibit!
There were some pretty decent cakes, scones and tea loaves in the home baking category.  And Border tarts - a rather delicious creation comprising dried fruit, nuts, orange rind and cinnamon, mixed with dark brown sugar and butter and cooked in a pastry case, with a thin coating of icing on top.  Delish!
It wasn't a big show, but enjoyable (especially the butterfly cakes), and more importantly, very reassuring!  


  1. Looked like heaps of fun! Should get Miss M to bake next year!
    Do you remember the nature table at school?
    We had one at my original primary school in Surrey!
    Each Monday morning we would have to bring in something from The Great Outdoors and stand up and chat a little about it!
    I remember being v envious of someone who bought in a speckled bird egg!
    It was pale blue with darker speckles! I thought it was beautiful and I WANTED ONE!!
    Funny how your blog stirred that memory!

  2. Always loved the nature table and bringing stuff into school! My post of 23 March last year recalls that happy ritual! A x

  3. I will take a look. I read a CL article about it recently. Too much stuff done on ipads and lap tops touch feely living stuff! x

  4. Ooh what a high quality of entries and although I've never heard of border cake I'm tempted to try to make some as it sounds delicious! x