Sunday, 16 August 2015

Sunday walk

Tilly and I did our favourite walk this morning.  It comprises a farm track, a short stretch of marshland, a rocky shoreline, a headland, a bit of beach and some woodland. I think the only thing missing is a mountain!

The marshland took me surprise today.  There has obviously been a very high tide, which has washed up and over the top of the beach.  The surprise came with the debris left by the tide. Hundreds and hundreds of crabs, most of them tiny, and sadly, very dead and gone.  A bit odd.
We sat on the headland for a little while, enjoying the view of both land and sea.  A cormorant spent some time drying off its wings, before choosing exactly which wave it was going to dive into, as it took to the water again!  
 The ling heather is out now.  The colours of the landscape today were very soft and lovely.
And we saw an elegant, impeccably dressed heron, doing a spot of fishing, on the incoming tide.

1 comment:

  1. No doubt about it Mrs R W .... You lead an idyllic life! Beautiful places that just make the heart sing!
    Sad about the crab biblical moment!
    Must have been the way the tide did something.... (Technical terminology at it's best!!!!!!!!!)
    Keep loving it all... Keep posting! Xxxx