Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Town and country

I am struggling with a piece of homework I have to write, and submit by next Friday.  It has taken me a while to decide what to write about, and now, having decided, I seem to have run out of adequate words to describe the colour of this wonderful field of ripening barley.  
The field features strongly in my piece, and as I have walked round it, I have pondered long and hard about its colour.  Of course, it doesn't have a single colour.  The ears of barley are in various stages of ripening.  Some are still green, others are almost ready for harvesting.  There is a burnished gold sheen which ripples across the crop as it moves in the wind.  

Although it's five miles away, North Berwick Law looks surprisingly close.  It is ever-present in the East Lothian landscape.
Later in the day and I am in Edinburgh.  It's a city which is very keen on its flags, and with the festival in full swing, there is no holding back on flags.  I have counted 39 in the photo below, although not so easy to see here without the benefit of zoom.
The city centre is heaving with visitors.  Trying to walk anywhere is a challenge as festival-goers drift along, taking everything in.  One of the things I love most about the city is the ability to be able to see out and beyond, and below, looking east from the Mound, there's North Berwick Law again. Twenty-five miles away this time!


  1. The photo of the barley fields reminds me of the lyrics to Sting's song... Fields of Gold.... X

  2. Poem... The Barley Fields by Jean Blewett!