Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Morrison and Co

You may remember, some months ago, that we had a daily visit from Morris, a blue tit, in search of a nesting site.  He would jump up and down at our windows, tapping on the glass with his beak.  In the end he and his missus decided to move into the vent serving the extractor fan from our bathroom!  An interesting choice!

I thought you might like to meet Morris's offspring, Morrison and Co.  There are, at any one time, three young blue tits visiting the peanut feeder at the moment.  
These are not the best photographs.  Like all young people, they don't keep still for long. They also have to contend with a very bossy great tit, who feels that the feeder is all his, and keeps chasing the little ones away!  

There are three birds in the photo below - you can just see someone's foot on top of the feeder.  
The youngsters are about nine weeks old now.  Their blue plumage has not yet appeared. They are a lovely soft mossy green at the moment, and very cute!

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  1. They are so sweet! Pretty birds! Good job with photos as they are fast!
    I think the Blue tit and Mr Robin Red breast are my all time favourites!
    Having said that the Fairy Wren is up there and hopefully the Pink Robin... When I do some research as to good locations to start looking!
    Been busy planning the walled garden bit at the front of the house- neglected by C - who thought she might like to start a veg garden many moons ago and didn't!
    So off to get some vintage garden salvage... "When I'm back on my feet again!" - x