Monday, 10 August 2015

Fringe by the Sea starts today!

It is the first day of Fringe by the Sea.  It all kicks off this evening, but I thought it would be nice to nip over to North Berwick and have a wander round before the hoards start arriving for the first event of the festival.
As we left home it was bright and sunny, but the weather coming from the west, and travelling in the general direction of NB, did not look promising!  We decided to go for it anyway.  We had umbrellas in the boot of the car!  A debatable decision, but in the end we had an enjoyable wander around, in rain and shine.  And there were some really good skies!
The only performer I really wanted to see in the festival line up was Joan Armatrading, but stupidly I left it too late - tickets are all sold out!  And no returns so far.
 Where there is usually a jumble of small sailing boats, a couple of Spiegletents, a lovely Airstream trailer, and a collection of stalls and bars have sprung up.  
The heavy rain passed through quite quickly, and the Firth of Forth, looking upstream towards Edinburgh, was looking serene and blue.
And the sun shone on the snowy white plumage of the gannets, covering the surface of the Bass Rock.


  1. Beautiful countryside and I love the glowering skies and of course the sea. Gannet rock looks amazing in the sun. Also enjoyed your previous post on Edinburgh- haven't been for years and it's whetted my appetite to see it again. CT.

  2. Thank you for your message! And Edinburgh awaits. Just off there now! A