Monday, 3 August 2015

Beach huts - of varying types!

Mr Gaucho and I visited Coldingham Bay yesterday, en route to another place, more of which in another post.  We stopped first at Edrom Nurseries, which I have been wanting to visit for some time.  They do not have an extensive range of plants, but most of them I had never seen before. Unusual things, and I bought a couple of handsome additions for the garden.  Not the two below, though.  These are shown just for decorative purposes!
When I was with the walking group recently, we walked from Eyemouth to Coldingham, and crossed Coldingham Bay.  
There is a string of very modest beach huts.  Not the smart affairs you see along the south coast, or the world famous beach huts of St Kilda in Melbourne.  These are homely affairs, quite scruffy, but, most importantly, loved.  I can imagine the world inside each one.  Their owner's 8' x 6' spot on the planet, where they keep all the stuff they need for a bit of time away from it all.  Probably a primus stove, an assortment of china, odd mugs and caddies with tea bags, coffee and some granulated.  A few shells, collected by the children and grandchildren.  Stripey deck chairs, an old card table covered in a bit of plastic coated fabric, a rug or two, because the wind is cold, coming off the North Sea.  And an old jumper for those even chillier days.  Beach towels and swimming stuff, and a portable barbecue.   What more could you wish for.  Oh, maybe a few books, a little curled at the edges from the cold and damp!

Well, actually, someone did wish for more, and they got it.  Look at the new building, nestling into the hillside.  It couldn't contrast more with the gaggle of huts below.  Read about it here, and take a guided tour!
It's all very glamorous and fabulous, but from the old timers there is still the same view of the sunset, but with the intimacy and homeliness that I love about sheds.  I know which I prefer.


  1. I LOVE beach huts, and these are lovely individual homely affairs. What a shame about the huge modern architecture one on the hill!!!

  2. I couldn't agree more! They do rather contrast with each other! I know I will never have one, but it costs nothing to dream! Thank you for your message - always appreciated. A

  3. The first two plants are well just WOW! OO
    VERY SPECIAL! ( btw these OO - are eyes out on stalks!) would love to see what you did buy!
    Beach huts are just as you described! The ones on Mills Beach, Mornington are my favourites! One v posh one called The Wentworth!
    The glass house behind the ones in your photo do rather spoil it! Wouldn't have been so bad if it itself had been made with wood! A kind of Mother Ship beach hut!
    Still is part of it wood? Will it season and blend back a bit!
    Anyhoo ... A great day out and as usual lovely photos... Capturing your day!
    Xx to Mr Gaucho! And you Mrs R W! Xx