Saturday, 5 September 2015

Christening my new camera

My trusty Lumix Panasonic camera has been getting a little weary in the past few weeks.  I think it needs a service, and it will be well-earnt!  In the meantime, I can't imagine life without a camera to snap my photos with, and I am going to be away for a week soon, and so I have rather over-reacted to the situation, and bought a new camera!  

I christened the new Lumix during a visit to North Berwick today.  The first photos have to show waves, of course, and there was also a line of washing, blowing in the wind, near the harbour. I've seen clothes billowing there before, dancing and drying in the fresh sea air.  


  1. It looks as though there was a good old wind blowing there - and that washing is either going to dry fast or get carried away! Are you enjoying the new camera? (Actually, you've just reminded me to put my camera on charge, as I am going out for the day tomorrow and there will be photo opportunities, I'm sure.) xx

  2. I love that line of washing! There is usually one there when I visit NB! Great place to dry the laundry. Yes, the new camera seems to be very good, thank you. It's another 'point and squirt' job because I couldn't possibly undertake anything more complicated, but I get the photos I want, most of the time, so that's fine by me! Every time I go out without the camera I see something that warrants a photo! Last night we went out for dinner and there was the most incredible sunset I have ever seen! A dark grey flattened doughnut of cloud, with a thin line of pink running around the underside, little puffs of bright pink cloud above and around it, the beach at Belhaven was pink where the sky reflected on the wet sand, the waves were coming in, in big beautiful white crescents, and North Berwick Law sat in the distance, with a purple and pink sky around it, and a lick of mist across in front, at ground level. It was just extraordinary! And where was the camera? At home. Typical!!! I hope you have a lovely day out today. The sun is shining here, and its beautiful. I think I will head for the heather-clad hills for a walk this afternoon. A x