Wednesday, 2 September 2015


We, Mr Gaucho, our daughter and I, went to 'Stardust' on Monday, an exhibition of photographs by David Bailey, at the Scottish National Gallery.  It's always a treat to see an exhibition there.  It was a day of famous and almost famous faces - from a current X-Factor contestant in Waverley Station to an extremely tall Scotland rugby player (Jim Hamilton) on George Street.  The exhibition of photographs was full of celebrities, of course, but I am still trying to work out who Penelope Tree is.  She featured in a disproportionate number of photographs, taken during the sixties, and I have no idea what she contributed to that scene!  I must Google her.
And then on to an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery of more heads. Sculptured ones this time.  Elizabeth Blakeway, Mrs George Smith, known for her beauty and 'gifts of mind and character', was the model for this piece by Alexander Munro.  George Smith was Charlotte Bronte's publisher.
I also liked this bronze by Emilio Greco.  It depicts Anna Padovan, in 1954, before she became the sculptor's second wife.
At home, the fine furry features of my granddaughter's cat, Missy, finished the day off rather nicely!


  1. What a beautiful cat - is she a Maine Coon? As for Penelope Tree - she was David Bailey's muse for many years and a "Vogue" model, so not surprising that she featured in so many photos at the exhibition. Glad you had an interesting day.

  2. No, she's not a Maine Coon, and actually quite small. Her amazing coat is a bit deceiving! She is quite a little madam, spending her days prowling in the woods around the house, and coming in covered in burrs and bits of twig! Thank you for enlightening me about Penelope Tree! Not quite sure how I missed her, way back then, especially with a name like that! A