Monday, 14 September 2015

My grand tour - first post

I am on a little jaunt over the next week.  I've left Mr Gaucho at home, holding the fort, and I have spent the first two nights of my grand tour in Yorkshire, with a girl friend I have known since my days with Oxford University Press, back in the early 1970s!  It's one of those wonderful friendships that you just pick up where you left off.  In our case, that was two years ago when she came up to Edinburgh to see an exhibition.  

I drove down here in pouring rain on Saturday morning.  By the time I had arrived the sun was out and the A1 a distant memory.  I am staying in a lovely peaceful place, an old farm in a village behind Scarborough.  In the afternoon, we drove into the town to see an exhibition of postcard sized paintings, and my friend was exhibiting three pieces.  She could only see one, so we conclude she has sold two already!
 I bought the swallow!  A lovely little print by a Yorkshire artist called Maggie Moore.  
After that we drove along the seafront in Scarborough.  The waves were very impressive and there were dozens of people in the water, trying to catch a wave on their surfboards.
In the next bay, to the north, the waves were crashing into the sea wall in pretty spectacular fashion.  I was amazed at the nonchalance of the this couple, walking along the pavement, and seemingly oblivious of the amount of water the sea was trying to throw at them!


  1. Have a brilliant time and enjoy your time away.
    Fab the waves and the windmills. Such a great memory of seaside holidays in Sussex. x

  2. Super pictures of the waves crashing against the hard black of the railings x