Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Season of mists

I think it is safe to say that the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is now here.  A glorious walk this morning confirmed that.  It couldn't have been better.
There was a robin sitting on the top of a plant in the brussel sprout field.  I thought the combination of robin and sprout would have made a good photo for a Christmas card, but the little devil flew off before I could organise myself and my camera!  The leaves were looking fabulous anyway, shimmering in rainbow colours and bejewelled with droplets of dew.
Earlier in the year I posted a photo of some blossom, which I attributed to blackthorn.  At the time I wasn't sure that was right, because the flowers were a bit too big.  When I was walking along this field edge last week, I saw the fruits below, and then realised they are bullace.  Too big for sloes, but still excellent material for a bottle of bullace gin.  They weren't plentiful so I will add some blackberries, to make up the quantity.  I think that will work, and hopefully be ready in time for Christmas!  Once the bullace and blackberry gin is made, I will add it to the other bits and pieces I have made from this year's fruitfulness - blackcurrant jelly, runner bean chutney, and damson jam.
Here's some of my little haul, on the tin plate I bought last week, from Sarah Raven's lovely shop.  

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