Thursday, 10 September 2015

Late, again

Earlier this afternoon I could hear the distant hum of machinery.  I decided that they must be harvesting the barley field, so off Tilly and I trotted, to capture the moment.  Too early.  They were harvesting the neighbouring field, so I thought they would probably get to 'our' field tomorrow. Wrong.  We walked round the field anyway, for old times' sake.

I heard a louder hum about twenty minutes ago, and through the trees could just see a splash of red.  The combine harvester, making short work of the barley.  I shot off down the drive, into the wood, through a forest of stinging nettles (bare legs) and got to the edge of the wood, where I could photograph the field, to see all those lovely ears of barley, which have given so much pleasure over the past months, felled.  

That's twice in two days I have missed the moment!  

So all I have is a couple of indifferent photos, and legs which are jumping with a stinging nettle rash.  I am going to the first in a course of lessons in mindfulness this evening.  I know where my mind will be!
Nowhere left for the hares to hide!  

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