Thursday, 24 September 2015

Wednesday walk

Yesterday, the walking group rambled in a great big circle.  We started from the middle of Gullane, up and over a hill to a beach, along the coast a little way, heading back towards Edinburgh, through part of the Aberlady Reserve (where I help with the plant survey in July), passed Luffness Golf Club, and back to the car. 

In the sea, there were lots of eider duck, and standing in a gaggle on the rocks beyond, about twenty cormorants.  You can see the hills of Fife on the far side of the Firth of Forth.
It is always a joy to me that, in East Lothian, a walk can take you to places with a great sense of remoteness, and yet Edinburgh is only about twenty miles away.
I love sea buckthorn,Hippophae rhamnoides.  At the moment it is at its most beautiful.  The orange berries are a wonderful colour, set against its soft grey foliage.  The berries are not easy to gather, very squishy when you try and remove them from the branch, but they can be cooked (though very sharp), and have extremely high levels of Vitamin C.  I've had a souffle made from sea buckthorn and it was delicious! 


  1. What a lovely walk, the wide sandy beaches, the odd shaped hills in the distance and just when everything is looking bluey green a bold pop of orange appears! x

  2. Hi Antonia! Thank you for all your lovely feedback - much appreciated, as always. A x