Monday, 7 September 2015

The last field standing

Today, the weather has been, quite simply, perfect.  The morning dawned golden, although cold.  I could see my breathe as we walked down the drive.  There was a very heavy dew, and little doubt that we are now in early Autumn.  Hooray!  I love Autumn.  I love the smells, the colours, the richness in the countryside.  The sun has shone all day long, warm and comforting.  
We walked round the barley field.  We haven't been there for a week or so, and I was quite surprised to see the crop still standing.  It was a lovely walk, and it's amazing how many beautiful things one field can offer, on a stunning September morning.
Four young hares emerged from the crop, and sat amongst the dew-dripping grass, before scampering off into the neighbouring field.
At one end of the barley field, there is a lozenge-shaped area of poor ground which has not been sown.  As we passed, I could see a large brown shape, sitting in the middle.  At first I thought it was a young deer.  But with my camera zoom, I could see it was a very big and handsome hare, enjoying the early morning sun on his back.  


  1. I think your new camera is just the ticket!
    What amazing clarity in the above photos. WOW!
    The third one of the barley looks like it has been beautifully coloured in a salon. Someone would pay good money to get colour tints like that.
    Hares are the most majestic creatures.
    Autumn and Spring...two favourite seasons.
    Enjoy the warm days and start collecting lovely leaves to make an autumnal wreath and dry some for the festive season.
    Happy wandering...keep blogging. Love it xx

  2. Fab, fab, fab! Gosh what amazing colours and do you know what type of bird that is? I'm trying to educate myself. You are so lucky having all these sunshine days, Antonia x

  3. Aren't early autumn colours wonderful! That's a yellow hammer - I think it's a female one though, as the yellow wasn't very pronounced. Having said that, she did have her back to me, so maybe she is a little more colourful than she seems! A x