Friday, 4 September 2015

Early morning skies

I was awake early this morning, and although it looked a bit grey and cold outside, I thought a walk with Tilly, round a couple of fields, would be a good start to the day.  By the time we walked down the drive and out of the wood, the sky was clearing from the west.

To the east, it was still dark grey, with the colour of the rising sun reflecting off the cloud.  I love the high, open skies of the east coast.  They give a wonderful sense of space.  I think they are very photogenic, and I couldn't choose which photos to show, so I've overdone it a bit!
This is the buzzard which patrols the drive and fields along the road between the village and North Berwick.  He was standing on the straw bales, enjoying the early morning sun on his back.  You can just see the glint in his eye!


  1. Brilliant sky photos and Mr Buzzard is surveying his paradise!
    Clouds change every day... even every minute! Clouds are cool! :-)

  2. Epic skies look like the prairies, we have lots of buzzards here too in fact I think they are some of our most common birds. I bore everyone in the car by shouting 'buzzard' excitedly whenever I see one but then for someone who grew up surrounded by pigeons in a city they are stunning, Antonia x