Thursday, 24 September 2015

Thursday walk

After breakfast this morning, Tilly and I put our best feet forward to check out a few favourite haunts.  We started with the barley field, now harvested and tidied away.  
All the bales of barley straw are lined up at the edge of the field, looking a little like a school photograph, at the end of the summer term.
The saplings planted near the shepherd's hut are all thriving,  
and this red admiral butterfly was enjoying the blackberry bushes as much as I was.  I love blackberrying, and the ones I picked today were particularly flavoursome.  I was a bit surprised that no-one else seems to have been picking the berries.  There were no telltale patches of flattened grass in front of the brambles!  Perhaps, these days, it's easier to grab a punnet of supersized blackberries from the chiller in Tesco.  They are missing the flavour of the wild, though!
Earlier in the year I made a mental note to go back to a patch of white honesty, to collect some seeds.  So I've got a few of those pocketed now!  The seedheads were beautiful, shimmering in the sunlight, quivering in the wind.
And lastly, a lovely wild crabapple tree.  To my way of thinking, you can never have too many beautiful things to look at.


  1. White Honesty bought back so many memories! Was completely fascinated with it when I was younger as it always reminded me of the sliding doors between rooms in Japanese houses...clearly the fine see through quality.
    A friend of mine once bought me a wind charm made of flattened shells. I treasured it and the white discs looked exactly like White Honesty.
    Great photos of it...I do love it when a photo brings back such a vivid memory.
    Happy days.
    Glad you enjoyed your jolly...and also good to see some posts. I have been checking regularly...hope to see some of your time away.

  2. As I was taking the photos of the honesty seedheads I was wishing I could also pass on the sight of them quivering in the wind. It was so lovely! I have loads of photos to post of the gardens I visited last week! Takes time to go through them, and I keep getting sidetracked by the present moment! A x

  3. Ah yes, quivering in the wind....translating that into photographic form would be lovely but using one's imagination is somehow better! I can picture it vividly.
    Lovely photos should be sending them to relevant country magazines...they are truly brilliant! xx